Taahir Asmalgee
Founder | CEO

Letter From The CEO

Founder and CEO Taahir Asmalgee. (Bachelor of Commerce - B-Com Business) 


Since BCAD’s inception in 2012 and its vibrant founder’s leadership, BCAD has consistently strived to establish itself as a modern age, multi-faceted company.

Our participation ranges from Mine ownership in Matadi, DRC (Fully Licensed & Fully Accredited) to the mining management and maintenance procurement industry in South Africa, Private security, Agriculture, Game farming, Fashion and apparel, Sports and Nutrition, Motorcycle Retail and Lifestyle Improvement. With the community backed by BCAD - many future improvements lie on the horizon.

As an experienced industrial specialist in mining (Yellow Metal) and industrial procurement, with years of experience spanning multiple roles across local- , international locations and divisions. Our growing footprint in the Southern end of Africa, South East Europe, West Africa and the PRC permits us leverage towards our buying power to source and distribute OEM and OPM products at highly competitive rates, ensuring the best pricing, quality and efficient turnaround. 

I am a hands-on and proactive individual that believes:

“Saving you time IS saving your money” that is why my team and I are dedicated to our clients and suppliers. 

Our goal is to build a legacy as a brand that ensures our clients receive satisfaction through excellence.

Other Successful Endeavors By BCADSA's CEO.


Co-Owner with Mr. Zander Fritz.
STP the future of your safety. We will risk our lives to protect yours. The owner and founder of Sniper Tactical Protection Zander Fritz, has 23 years of experience in the Police Force, Trio Task Team and Investigations. Fully PSIRA registered and qualified CIT. It’s not a job it’s a passion.

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An ever growing demand for customized motorcycles in South-Africa market has given us the opportunity to bring the world of motorcycle customizing to the South-African market. Over the last few years, the big brand names have even started to sell a huge aftermarket arrangement of products, just to keep up with every request for individual customizing.. It’s not a job it’s a passion.

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Founded in 2023, Taahir and his Chief Operations Officer acquired a Crop Farm and Game Reserve that spreads over a total of 8500 Hacters of pure, untouched nature in the beautiful province of Limpopo, 30 minutes north of Bela-Bela, this facility boasts a game reserve that spreads over 7500 hacters with a vast range of wildlife, 6 freshwater rivers, 2 waterfalls with a 50m drop, natural water-springs, 3 lakes and 4 mountain ranges divided by a natural valley that’s home to a wide range of pure heaven, peace and tranquillity. Also, a farmland separated through crop rotation that spreads over a 1000 hacters, using non-chemical farming techniques, ensuring quality and sustainability.